Adroita supports safe and responsible use of mobile phones and data.

Privacy Policy

There are responsible and safe ways to overtly collect, combine, and share information that when paired with new technologies can truly improve the utility and usability of our digital devices. This information can also help build relationships. This is the basis behind Adroita’s privacy policy detailed here.

In addition, Adroita also supports efforts to curb and prosecute for irresponsible unsafe use of mobile devices and data, e.g. efforts to increase the awareness of the dangers of Distracted Driving (NHTSA, NSC) and efforts against deceptive commercial practices that for example leave information vulnerable to exploitation for stalking or identity theft.

Information we may collect includes that which you might send to us (for example via a web form or email) and that which we garner from your use of our products and services. For example we may use info about your browser in order to render a better formatted page resulting in an improved user experience.

This collected information may also include device information, usage and log information including IP addresses, cookies and navigation preferences. After opting into our location services we may use information about your current location to refine the location based services you are using or improve the relevance of advertising provided to you. We will ask for your consent before using information for a purpose other than those that are set out in this Privacy Policy.

Adroita follows best practices for information security including SSL encryption and rigid vendor selection criteria.